Our Approach is simple as we introduce the most amazing handcrafted bikes. Aluminium models of German design house a class and a lifestyle to feel young all the time. With the help of our modern infrastructure and production machinery, We are able to provide the clients with flawless range and latest designs of cycle.
HILLY BIKES Group has a talent pool of nearly 2000 professionals who specialize in bicycle development, production and marketing. With state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and the application of Enterprise Resource Planning, Flexible Manufacturing System and mobile internet technology, Hilly bikes is one of the first to realize intelligent manufacture in the bicycle industry. Hilly bikes has a skillful command of the core technology of bicycle manufacture regarding carbon fiber and aluminium frame and fork, possessing 13 world-class complete bicycle assembly lines as well as 14 painting production lines. Moreover, Hilly bikes has successfully achieved the automation of frame painting and welding. By now, Hilly bikes has an annual capacity of 2 million complete bicycles, 1.5 million frames and 1 million forks. In the bicycle industry, Hilly bikes takes the initiative in developing and applying aluminium frame welding automation technology. As one of the only three bicycle factories equipped with CNAS-accredited testing center , the state-level bicycle testing center Hilly bikes established in 2016 is capable of all-round complete bicycle and bicycle component testing.